How to Hack Instagram by Spotting Fake Followers

Online Business and Social Media Influencers have been using Instagram as a platform to advertise their products and themselves. Fan pages for movie actors, musicians are also one of them. But did you know that accounts can be made fake as well? And there are a number of pages that are astoundingly having fake followers also. Here are some ways on how to hack Instagram by spotting fake followers.

  1. A Sudden Spike in Followers

A sudden sprout of huge followers is somewhat skeptic, having a number of following in Instagram accounts usually takes time, authentic followers are like a sunrise, the light takes time slowly seeps to conquer the area and not just suddenly in a matter of a blink of an eye become midday and this is one strategy helps us identify how to hack Instagram by determining if they have fake followers.

  1. Low Interaction with the followers

Huge media following would always come up to thousands if not millions of likes and comments. Some accounts that have huge followers tend to not equate to the number of likers and commenters, hence the low interaction and activity of the account and the people.

  1. Followers with no Profile Pictures

Believe it or not, social media following is being for sale. They are sold by web hackers who sell thousands or millions of followers and to make these hackers lesser time in creating these accounts they won’t go to the hustle of posting personal pictures on them.

  1. Out Dated Posts

It is very simple if you have an Instagram account and you’ve noticed that this certain musical band or movie star is no longer active or are no longer posting updates in their accounts it is without a doubt that you would most likely unfollow them. So having an account with inactive users and still has huge media following is for me considered to be fake or unworthy of following.