The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Original Medicare

Once you qualify for Medicare, you have several different enrollment options available to you. You can opt for the Original Medicare plan, which is what most seniors are going with these days. This plan is basically just a combination of Part A and Part B. It will cover inpatient care that is received in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. It will also offer medical insurance, which covers doctor visits, outpatient services, specific labs tests, medical equipment and preventive care. Original Medicare sounds good, but you need to know that there are some advantages and disadvantages to this coverage.


Low Monthly Premiums


Since most seniors will usually be exempt for Part A premiums, they only have to pay premiums for Part B and that is fairly inexpensive. Of course, this can vary based on income, but most individuals will usually pay around one hundred to two hundred dollars a month for this coverage.


Broad Acceptance


Medicare really offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing healthcare providers. In fact, recent studies show that nine out of ten doctors are accepted for Medicare coverage. You can continue seeing your favorite doctors that you trust. Click here to find an independent agent that can help you through the enrollment or renewal process. These agents can ensure you the best rates and coverage possible.


Out-Of-Pocket Costs


Unfortunately, there are a lot of out-of-pockets costs associated with Medicare. Even after you have gone over your deductible there is no guarantee that this coverage will cover every expense that you are faced with. If you are constantly in the doctor’s office or a frequent visitor of the hospital these expenses will add up extremely quick. For instance, Part B typically only covers right around eight percent of your medical costs. This leaves you covering the other twenty percent.